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The Telekom Challenge is organized by T-Labs and is a worldwide invitation for Experts and Researchers (individual persons & teams) from academia, R&D institutes and industry to provide innovative solutions for network-related challenge fields!

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Students from KPI TUKE showed extraordinary results in the HACKATHON 2020

Young people have the potential to achieve great things in innovation Hackathon 2020 had a different atmosphere this year. Due to the pandemic situation, we had to move the competition completely to an online space. 140 students from the Department of Computer Informatics (Faculty of electrical engineering and informatics) created 27 teams on their way to win the Hackathon 2020. Great organization, interesting prizes, and willingness to succeed brought very powerful results in the end.

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Digital Startup Germany Tour - 7 Slovak startups presented their products at the unforgettable Business built virtual event and 5 of them achieved great results too.

On the 25-28th of October, 300+ startups from all over the world, 200+ corporates, and 50+ keynote speakers in a 4-day virtual tour met online on the largest Digital Startup Germany Tour. 7 Slovak startups get a unique opportunity to participate in one of the biggest online events, where they could start with building the relevant business partnerships with largest German’s companies from the market. 4 of them went to the final Big Pitch and 1 is heading directly to Ruhr Summit 2021.

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Morning Health talk – Building an innovative ecosystem

At the beginning of October, the Innovlab team organized a virtual event, called Morning Health talk. We were so delighted to welcome the main speaker Roel Kamerling, Senior Innovative Program Developer TU Delft, NL. Roel introduced to an external audience and partners How they build the Innovative ecosystem in TU Delft in Netherland.

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