5 teams competed for 3days and today could present their ideas, solutions, and prototype to our judges. The first-place winner will present its winning solution at the EIT Health Winner’s event on the 27th of November 2021 where all the European winners will fight for the total victory.

Congratulations to the winners:
1st. place Blood share app, Dual 2 Team, 1500 Euros
2nd. place Bionic hand, 1000 Euros
3rd. place Welnesso portal, 500 Euros

Big thanks go to our judges Milan Varga, Gabriel Fedak, Jozef Harbulyak, Peter Breyl, and to our Innovlab team for the perfectly organized event Lenka Adamová, Andrea Lovacka, Alica Narozna Gold.

This year again showed that potential on the market is set very high and our young people can achieve big things in their life and career. We are looking to cooperate on the winning solutions with our winners. Well done to all of you! EIT Health UVP TECHNICOM

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