Innovation Days 2021 brought interesting ideas in the field of eHealth

The team DUAL EDU 2 from the dual education DT Systems Solutions Slovakia impressed the judges with their winning solution, called BloodShare mobile app.

Innovlab startup center as the main organizer of the iDays in Slovakia

Slovak iDays 2021 event was organized by the Innovlab team from the DT Systems Solutions Slovakia Lenka Adamová, Andrea Lovacká, Alica Nárožná Gold a Milan Varga managed to prepare an event in the online space.

"Innovation Days are traditionally one of those events we organize in the autumn. I am very happy that we are moving forward at Innovation Days from year to year. This year is also a great example. Although the participation was smaller, in the terms of the quality, ideas were much better, explains Milan Varga, Lead of Innovlab startup center, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia.

Innovative ideas were evaluated by the expert jury

The aim of the event is to provide a space for young and talented people with breakthrough and feasible ideas in the field of digital health, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence, who want to move their ideas to the next level.….

"This year was interesting because the variety of ideas and impulses that participants brought to the “imaginary table” surprised us a lot. I can say that participants expanded the horizons of their ideas even to jurors. Even though iDays event was virtual, our participants were able to draw our attention to their thinking and perception of the need they wanted to fulfill with their ideas, " explains Jozef Harbulyak, Global Head of Automation SSC, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia.

"All solutions were developed in high quality and it was pretty clear to me that some teams had already spent several weeks on their idea development. I liked the solution of the bionic hand. This solution includes various pressure, temperature, sensors, etc., and will increase the user's comfort in practical daily life. At the same time the solution will allow him to connect and control the bionic hand via a mobile application, " said Gabriel Fedak, Head of Delivery Private Cloud & Platform Services, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia.

We would like to thank our juries: Milan Varga, Gabriel Fedak, Jozef Harbulyak, and Peter Breyl for their professional approach, opinions and expertise.

The winning solution can bring many benefits for the users and hospitals

Team Dual EDU 2, which consists of Radovan Balazs, Adam Firda, and Norbert Attila Szőke, has developed the BloodShare application in order to motivate young people to donate blood.

The team took advantage of an empty marketplace. "Slovakia doesn’t have at the moment a centralized application for blood donation. According to the statistics we had, more than 30% of donors that are missing a modernization of the environment, electronic invitation and more than 34% of donors are dissatisfied with the organization of subscriptions process, "explains the team's representative, Norbert Szőke.

BloodShare app would solve almost any problem and make the whole donation process much clear. It would connect all blood donation organizations. The application offers the user an overview of what blood type is deficient in his locality; he can also receive a notification of urgent help in donating blood to a specific person. Users of the app could get many benefits such as discounts for shopping. Each app user would have their own QR code, so the healthcare professionals would get all important information in one place.

The team has already attended the EIT Health Winners event on the 27th of November where 35 teams from the European Union competed. The Dual Edu team finished in 6th place what is an incredible achievement. Congratulations to the team and good luck with their further development on this solution.

The second-place winner is the project of Maros Stredansky and Michal Fristik, the startup Bionic hand that has developed a bionic hand for an amputated limb. This model of a myoelectric prosthesis is attached to the stump of an amputated limb. The model is controlled through the action of potential gained from the muscle.

Third place went to project Wellnesso run by Daniela Chovancova and her team. They created a website for quick search, comparison, and booking of terms in the beauty sector. Their next steps lead to the release of a beta version of Wellnesso with a campaign on social networks.

"I keep my fingers crossed for the winning team in the international round and I believe that if they succeed in implementing their idea, we will provide the necessary mentoring and support. This winning solution would have a positive impact for the region and for Slovakia itself, as the problem with blood donation is a long-term problem, "says Milan Varga, Lead of Innovlab startup center.

1st place: Blood Share app, 1500 Eur, EIT Health Winners Event, space in the Local Development Program 2022 of EIT Health

2nd place: Bionic Hand startup, 1000 Eur, space in the Local Development Program 2022 of EIT Health

3rd place: Wellnesso project, 500 Eur, space in the Local Development Program 2022 of EIT Health

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