Satellites may no longer collide in space, thanks to 3 developers from Innovlab DT IT Solutions Slovakia

34 countries from 5 continents, competed in 30 challenges and our team placed in the "Top 5" with their solution SCP - Preventing collisions of satellites with debris in space. This solution was developed from the previous idea – an app Space Guardian ( Space Guardian is showing how much satellites and debris are around earth on various orbits.) This specific app was developed in partnership with the Slovak Academy of Sciences, @SPACE:LAB and Univerzita Komenského in Bratislava for festival of science - European Researchers' Night (30.9.2022), that was held in 4 Slovak cities such as Kosice, Bratislava, Zilina and Banska Bystrica. Currently, students in 631 classes in Slovakia have already familiarized themselves with this functional and educational application.


The unique solution SCP

„As part of the hackathon, we proposed a project called SCP - Spacecraft Collision Prevention. This solution would provide customers (satellite owners) with a regular subscription service that would warn them of a possible collision of their satellite with another space object. So the owner of the satellite could order the maneuver of the satellite, which would have saved him a lot of money, since he would have avoided the collision and destruction of the satellite itself. As a part of the instruction, a program was created that simulates a situation where the orbits of 2 objects (a satellite and other potentially dangerous object) intersect and create an intersection that represents a collision point. These information are generated on the basis of space surveillance and tracking data from catalog,“,“ explains Gabriel Urban, from Scrum Team Innovlab Kosice.

And how was the idea born?

The main idea came up at the November ActinSpace Slovak Hackathon (organized by the Slovak Space Office) in head of Adam Tamas, who at the same time had under his thumb the data that the application uses. The visualization of these calculations and data on potential collisions, space debris and satellites was carried out by Stefan Hadbavny, who took care of the visual side of the application. "I was troubled by the overall visual environment with which the user works. Rendering satellites to their exact position, creating a table with individual collisions, various filters, also animations. The biggest challenge for me was drawing the orbits of individual satellites“ , explains Stefan. Dagmara Vendrakova helped with the design app.

Innovab startup center is so proud of the team

"The historic success of our InnovLab team of DT ITSO SK in such a highly competitive environment as it was in the Grand Final in Cannes is only proof that a well-developed topic with a real prototype can even move a small country like Slovakia into the TOP 5. Our development team is a practical demonstration that if students catch an interesting topic, they are able and competent to deliver high-quality results, worth of international awards," explain Alica Narozna-Gold, Project Manager of Innovlab startup center.

What’s next?

The team will continue to work on the solution and build upon the experience and contacts gained through such success. Collaboration with organizations like ESA can provide opportunities for other valuable projects in the future.

Team consist of Gabriel Urban, Stefan Hadbavny, Adam Tamas and Gabriela Vendrakova.

The Innovlab startup center represent Alica Narozna Gold (Project Manager) and Andrea Lovacka. (Business Development Manager)

The Slovak Space office was represented by the presence of Lenka Tkacova. (PR Manager)

Media contact: Lenka Adamova, Business Development Manager


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