Innovation day for women organized by Innovlab startup center of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia , Female Algorithm and UVP TECHNICOM knows its winners.

In the end, 35 women formulated up to 11 teams. The event started with a welcome ceremony, followed by a professional lecture "How to create a Business Model Canvas" (presented by Alica Narozna- Gold and Milan Varga) which is key in a creation of a business plan. The event was also enriched by an inspirational panel discussion of successful ladies from Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia. Daniela Bacova, MBA Lydia Delyova Denisa Jesenska RNDr. Lucia Hustatyova, MBA.

"We wanted to show the girls the so-called "Woman Power", and thus introduce them to the path of success through our colleagues, their careers, the hardships they had to go through to get to where they are at the moment. We would like to thank Daniela Bačová, Denise Jesenská, Lídia Delyová and Lucia Huštatyová for this inspiring talk, for not only revealing part of their privacy, but also for the fact that despite all the problems they encountered, they became strong and determined ladies working in high positions in IT and this is also confirmed by the very fact that IT is no longer just a man's business, because 34 percent of women work in our company alone, and that number is growing", says Lenka Adamová, Business Development Manager DT ITSO SK.

Congratulations to the winners: SafeBite 900 Euros
An application whose goal is to help people with food intolerances and allergies navigate the world of food and look for suitable alternatives, understand the composition and know how to shop healthily. At the same time, the application would also offer a list of e-shops and stores where they can buy these foods. 600 Euros
Virtual assistant for seniors Katka
Control and supervision of seniors through a program on TV, possible cooperation with Antik, implementation. Control of medications, drinking regime, food and exercise. 300 Euros
SecurityPoint App
We will find you a safe way home, Plug-in solution to any navigation where the user can post a comment. Negative or positive and rate the safety he feels in a given place in the city at a given time.

Thank you so much to :

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia, University Sience Park Technicom, Female Algorithm,

Thank you so much to Katarina Varadyova, Henrieta Dunne and to Lenka Hlinkova for an inspirational welcome speech.

Thank you to judges :

Ing. Lenka Hlinkova, Female Algorithm,

Ing. Daniela Čekanová, PhD., Aero faculty, TUKE

doc. Miriam Šebovu Economy faculty, TUKE

doc. Ing. Michal ŠOLTÉS, PhD., dean of the Economy faculty, TUKE

Ing. Milan Varga, Manager Innovlab startup center

Thank you to our STAR Team for the whole organization: Alica Narozna Gold, Lenka Adamová, Andrea Lovacka, Milan Varga and to Peter Hevery.

"The space sector has online data collected by satellites over several years. It is a great resource for data analysis and building predictive models. At DT ITSO SK, we are also starting to focus on this segment. We are committed to climate-neutral business practices, and we can use this space data for practical support in the fight against climate change. We are very proud to have an in-house developed concept study to prevent satellite collisions with space debris. The awarded solution is an example of how local companies and universities work. That was the impulse for us to sign the memorandum," explains Andreas Truls, Managing Director of the Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia.

The space research center will attract both scientists and engineers

The cluster will aim to effectively associate and connect interested entities performing research and development, commercial or popularization activities in the field of space technologies, as well as to create a supporting ecosystem for the creation of new innovative startups, bringing new products and services using space technologies.

"The cluster has the ambition to create a strong consortium, composed of representatives of the private, academic, public, and non-profit sectors. In this composition, it will be easier to coordinate activities and obtain funds for joint research and development or educational projects, which will help to further accelerate the development of the space ecosystem in the east of Slovakia. The idea of creating a cluster was born during regular online meetings with representatives of the eastern Slovakia space ecosystem, which we initiated at SARIO as part of the Slovak Space Agency project to help the region to fully utilize its strong potential for the space sector," says Michal Brichta, director of the industrial component of the Slovak Space Agency (SARIO).

The companies that signed the memorandum of cooperation also agree that the creation of a space ecosystem has the task of attracting or keeping scientists and engineers in the Košice region.

"We realize that if we want to continue to participate in important scientific projects and attract, or keep top scientists here, we need a functioning ecosystem that goes beyond our institution. We have been dealing with cosmic physics in Košice for more than 50 years. During that time, we participated in dozens of instruments for exceptional space missions (e.g. Rosetta, BepiColombo, JUICE) and published hundreds of scientific papers on phenomena in the near space. Our research will continue to develop if we have enough well-educated people and, at the same time, if we can transform our knowledge into products and services in cooperation with industry. Thanks to our close cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA), we want to facilitate new opportunities for the entire region," explained the director of the Institute of Experimental Physics SAS in Košice doc. RNDr. Zuzana Gažová, DrSc.

Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice sees the membership in the upcoming cluster as an opportunity, which was also confirmed by the vice-dean for external relations of the UPJŠ Faculty of Science in Košice, doc. Mgr. Michal Gallay, Ph.D.

"UPJŠ is a relevant partner with experiences that we want to share. Some of our workplaces already participated in the programs when the use of space was in its infancy in the last century -INTERKOZMOS program, we participated in the research program at CERN, and in recent years we solved projects within the Program of European Cooperating States with the European Space Agency (ESA PECS). We are a member of the European association Copernicus Academy, which mainly covers institutions providing education based on space technologies and supports young companies."

The challenges of the space segment will be implemented in Košice

The space cluster will be devoted to the development of the space ecosystem, projects, and the acquisition of financial resources for the development of this ecosystem.

"By the development of the space ecosystem in the region, we understand that we will respond together as a cluster to the challenges of the space industry segment, ESA and the EU and together prepare suitable conditions for the creation of new products, projects, or innovations. For people who want to work in this industry, it is necessary to prepare attractive jobs and interesting study opportunities so that they stay to study and work in our region," adds Milan Varga, manager of Innovlab Startup Center, DT ITSO SK.

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