Innovation Day 2020 - The winning team brought the solution for Mass causality incidents in the Digital Health discipline

Rescuer’s Innovation idea from Presov has the potential to improve the mass causality incidents in medicine

21 registered teams with more than 80 participants fight together in the online event Innovation Days 2020. The event took a place on the 19th of November 2020. All the contestants worked very hard all day in order to deliver the revolutionary solution in the Digital Health, Telemedicine, or AI medical discipline. 14 teams went to the Final Big pitch where they presented their ideas created during the day of the virtual event. Strong - mindedness brought fantastic results at the end - 3 winning teams end and 1 special price for the Dual education students.

Solutions and ideas from the Digital Health, Telemedicine, and AI evaluated our group of experts from the startup’s community, university, private sector, and the judges from the DT IT Solution Slovakia company: Peter Hevery, Martin Smolko, Frantisek Jakab, Peter Breyl, and Miroslav Binas.

Precise and long-term organization of the Innovlab Team (Milan Varga, Lenka Adamova, Andrea Lovacka, Alica Narozna Gold) secured a smooth and well-structured online event. Thanks to our moderator Martin Medved from Public Cloud, the event had a great atmosphere itself.

Congratulations to the Winners:

1st place: Anna Kmecova. The team with an application for Mass causality incidents won 1500 Euros for prototype to be finished within 3 months, participation in the European round in Stockholm, and participation in the EIT Health Local Development Program in 2021.

2nd placeAsthma watch application that can detect possible coming attack during any daily activities. The team won 1000 Euros to finish their prototype within 3 months and participation in the EIT Health Local Development Program in 2021.

3rd place: Cure Nature application - by entering the key symptoms into the application, the system is able to pick up the advisable nature medicaments for the patients.

And why the winning solution succeeded?

The winning solution – Mass causality incidents is developed in a very professional manner and provides a final design that combines details from a technical and expertise knowledge basement. It works with the requirement to keep a cool head in any crisis situation and not cause chaos. At the same time, the solution works with an idea to simplify an actual work approach of intervention units. This application has a big potential to help in any direction that the solution has described after the implementation phase,”expressed Peter Hevery, Vice president of Growth Portfolio.

“This win is for me a successful start and the perfect impulse for even better commitment. It’s so different to have an idea in mind and at the same time is different to develop this idea. I am very great full for this opportunity to participate in Innovation Day 2020 because this participation can bring many professional and personal movements for me. These opportunities to innovate ideas in a difficult competitor’s fight are for me so motivational and inspiring at the same time,” said the winner Anna Kmecova.

We have a winner in the Special Category of the Dual education students for the first time

Students from the Dual Education (from DT IT SOLUTION SLOVAKIA) participated in the competition as well. Our judges decided to award with a special price the team with an InfoMeds solution. Their idea helps to find adequate medicament after entering the symptoms as well as the solution describes the medical limitations if the patients are taking several medicaments.

A final word from Milan Varga, RIS HUB Manager of Innovlab

“Very encouraging is that the number of participants is growing from year to year that I find super important for local startup ecosystem development. Especially this greater focus on students on Innovation day or other ideation contests and hackathons which we organize with partners in the region is a conscious investment into our future.”

Thank you to all for the unforgettable event full of smart ideas and solutions from young and enthusiastic people.Media Contact: Lenka Adamova.

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