Elementary school with a nursery in Poproc welcomes its kids, employees, and parents with thermal cameras.

Efficient solution for school and kids

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia and InnovLab - StartUp center offered a comprehensive solution to this problem to the school by the installation of thermal cameras.

Thanks to 4 thermal cameras located by the entries of the elementary school and by the nursery, the body temperature is measured automatically instead of self-measurements. It simplifies the process of the morning pre-check of kids, parents, employees, saves time, and deletes the large cues. All of these cuts down the possible risk of the infection to the minimum.

“The highest priority for us is to protect the health of all students and school staff. This solution minimizes the grouping of kids and at the same time displays the measured value that provides the initial information about a specific child and its health condition. The added value is the usage of modern technologies as a benefit for the young generation. After all, it is a school that should be the place where vision is combined with advanced technology,” explains the director of Poproc school Mrs. Mihokova….

Thermal cameras measure according the GDPR

“Since many of us have children, we know exactly how things work in the morning temperature measurements with hand-held thermometers. We are so glad that Poproc school reacted positively to our offer and cooperation. The whole system doesn’t collect and save any personal details as well as the measured temperatures. We will be very glad if this pilot installation will bring many benefits to the school. In the future, we would be happy to continue in cooperation on other smart solutions with any schools or institutions,” explains Milan Varga, RIS HUB Manager InnovLab StartUp center.   

“I see that the combination of innovation and helping kids, employees, and parents in the community in this pandemic situation as crucial. The cooperation of our company, Innovlab, and Poproc representatives is a great example of how the implemented solution will secure the safety standards and health protection measures for the whole school. Thanks to this cooperation we can see real progress in building an innovative mindset within the several organizations,” explains Alica Narozna Gold, Project Manager.

Poproc is the first village with a school that implemented thermal cameras

“We have seen the world change as a result of the global Corona crisis. At Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia, we are adapting to new ways of working and supporting schools to better manage the current restrictions. We firmly believe that implemented pandemic solutions, such as thermal cameras, will help to bring us closer to the new standard. Therefore, we are delighted to give something back to the educational community in the region," explains Andreas Truls, Managing Director, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia.

"I believe that thermal cameras will bring less stressful entry of children and students into the premises of our elementary and nursery school. I am sure that the solution will ensure saver environment for kids, parents, and employees. We would like to thanks the company DT IT Solutions Slovakia and Innovlab for the realization of the whole project,” expressed the mayor of the Poproc Mrs. Iveta Komorova-Hilovska.

Solution for the Body temperature measurement will be also used as a prevention in the future, as a fever may not be an indicator of a single disease.

Media Contact : Lenka Adamova

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