A rocket with satellites constructed by high school students was launched from the Bidovce airport in Slovakia

About the CanSat competition

In the CanSat competition, high school students build a satellite the size of a can. The students' task is to fit the power supply, sensors, and communication system into this size. During the finale, the satellites will be raised to a height of approximately 1 kilometer by a drone or balloon, when the satellite's main mission will occur: to perform a scientific experiment or technology demonstration, land safely, and analyze the collected data.

Watch the interview with our MD Andreas Truls.

Competitors will strengthen their professional and soft skills

“The benefit of the competition for students is that they will strengthen their professional skills and soft skills, which are very much needed these days. They will learn to work in a team, be responsible for part of the project, and bring stagnant innovations in Slovak education.

They will test their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of electronics and programming," explained Mr. Pavol Pavlanin, teacher of professional electrical engineering subjects from the United School Ľ. Podjavorinska.

Managing Director of the DT ITSO SK Andreas Truls didn‘t hide his enthusiasm about this project.

“As Deutsche Telekom IT Solution Slovakia we support the space industry's growth and are passionate about new technologies, such as smaller satellites. The project (CanSat Competition) requires students to design, build, and launch small satellites. Also, we are happy to support cool research projects and always look out for great talents. The CanSat Competition provides students with hands-on experience in aerospace engineering, project management, and teamwork. Therefore this project is fostering creativity and innovation in the field of space technology – an experience hardly to beat at all.”


Long-term cooperation with universities brings always its fruits

The rocket was constructed by the modelers from the Slovak Modeling Association. The whole project could have been realized thanks to the cooperation of the Technical University of Kosice, The Aircraft faculty, the Slovak Space Office, and the Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia.

A finale of the competition will be held in Bielice Slovakia at the end of May 2024, where around 14 teams from Slovakia will compete.

We want to thank our colleagues from the Innovlab startup center who bring such cool projects to our company and the Kosice region.

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