The largest IT employer in the region connected students and the world of technology: Be curious and develop, said MD of DT ITSO SK Andreas Truls

On October 11, 2023, an extraordinary event took place on the premises of the Technical University in Kosice.

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia (DT ITSO SK) organized an international conference called the Tech Day Students' Innovation Conference. Main aim was to introduce students current topics from the IT world and strengthen their relationship with innovation and business.

T-Systems International is organizing through the whole year 2023 Road Show of Tech Days in every location of T-Systems. As a Slovak city Kosice has the biggest community of students studying IT our management decided to bring international and local speakers to the student’s audience and introduce them the newest technologies and trends.

"When I met our technical director from T-systems in February and we talked about the possibility of holding an event in Kosice, we were both immediately excited. I see huge potential in topics such as artificial intelligence or quantum physics," expressed Andreas Truls, Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia for a media Kosice dnes.

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What did we prepare at the conference?

During the day could students joint several presentations in main aula, but neverthless important they had a chance to visit marketplace area with technical stalls such as:

Metaverse, Quantum Computing, LOW-CODE NO CODE, Generative AI. Besides technical stalls our HR team offered information how to apply for a job in the company or how to write a CV. Students could enjoy the gaming chairs and play F1. At the end of the conference our colleagues prepared funny Kahoot quiz with great prizes.

Why is such an event important for students?

"Students should understand that the IT world is constantly changing. What they learn today may not be enough ten years from now. It is crucial for them to constantly learn and familiarize themselves with new technologies," added Andreas Truls.

The general director of DT ITSO SK also emphasized the possibilities that students have after completing their studies. "We have established many collaborations with students. We offer research, internships and permanent employment. Every year we are looking for approximately 300 new colleagues, and we would like to see enthusiastic students among them," he added.

International collaboration between colleagues brought a very successfull conference at the end

Over 300 students attented the first year of Tech Day.

“We are extremely proud that the students showed such an enormous interest in the first year of this conference and that their hunger in the latest technologies and trends is so high. They are our future potential employees, expressed Lenka Adamova, Business Development Manager, conference organizer and coordinator.

We would like to thanks so much for outstanding performance on the stage and in the stall area to our speakers and presenters and organizational team

Zuzana Berezna- Moderator of the conference

Justin Pauckert, Quantum Computing Why Now?

Cyril Sadovsky, AI Developers Tools

Antonio Julia Lopez Metaverse 101 – Explore the Metaverse's Tech and become part of the Digital Revolution ( Thank you to colleague in the stall Mohamed Abdhuzala)

Marco Spoel – LOW CODE NO CODE ( Thank you to lady in the stall Diana Megela)

Marek Toth - How to have conversations with your own data: The AWS Generative AI approach ( Thank you to colleagues in the stall area Generative AI Arthur Schneider, Ingrid Boselova)

Martin Palko, Jan Kukurugya - Open Sovereign Cloud

HR and Dual Stall- Livia Tomeckova, Daniela Hilier Kolesarova, Iveta Pribulova, Matus Cicvara

Gaming Zone – Matus Cicvara, Matus Seliga

Kahoot quizz- Paula Havrilova, Katarina Varadyova

Big Thanks goes to Organizational Team: Lenka Adamova, Alica Narozna-Gold, Adela Cisarikova, Milan Varga and to Creative Pro agency.

And many many thanks to all dual education students and helpers at the conference.

Text Lenka Adamova and editorial office Kosice Dnes.


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